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Simmi Santha M.A., M.Phil, BCBA - Founder & Chief Clinical Consultant

Ms. Simmi Santha is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst  (BCBA) from Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), USA. She is also the Founder & Clinical Director of Skill Enablers Inc. & Founder and Clinical Director of Precious Souls Services Inc. in Toronto, Canada. Simmi is a committed thought leader who has been serving the communities across the world with persons with special needs and autism for more than 20 years. Her extensive experience and knowledge at all levels in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and developmental disabilities, with clients, professionals and organizations helped her found three successful start-ups. Her publications and manuals were featured in multiple media platforms. She has provided her services in the USA, India and Canada with premier and apex health care organizations leading and maturing multiple disciplines of special-needs and ABA.  

Simmi Launched and established 3 successful initiatives (Startups) globally and has conducted & facilitated numerous Training Programs across the USA, Canada and India for Teachers, Medical Professionals,Therapists, Parents and Students. Her holistic approach on families journey in coping with autism and her Life Coaching has been highly effective.

Simmi is the first recipient of Reeta Peshawaria-Menon Memorial Award for her work in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders in India. She has received multiple academic excellence awards in the field of developmental disabilities and has appeared in local and national media advocating on rights and possibilities for persons with ASD. Founder of 3

Ravi Velpula - Founder & COO

Ravi is an entrepreneur, business adviser, innovator, data & analytics leader, people champion with over 20+ years of global experience in leading successful technology and human initiatives. Ravi has led large programs  for industry giants in Healthcare, Finance & Technology. Seasoned in leading and scaling global teams for high performance, growth to maximize value for the Organizations. Alongside, Ravi’s Technology Product Delivery contribution around broad range of software solutions, automation systems, data & advanced analytics / business insights systems and business process simplification for direct value creation are highly recognized. Co-Founder of 2 successful startups globally for the greater human cause.

Dr. Deshkeerti Menon - Senior Clinical Psychologist and Patron

Dr Desh Keerti Menon, is a Clinical Psychologist by training. Dr. Menon has been active in the fields of Mental Health, Disability Rehabilitation and Intellectual Disability. He began his professional career in 1971 and sought retirement in 2011.

During 2000-2011, Dr. Menon was Principal Clinical Psychologist, Community Health Team, Specialist Learning Disability Psychological Service, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK. For approximately 16 years from 1984 up to 2000 Dr. Menon was Director of the National Institute for Empowerment of persons with Intellectual Disability, Manovikas Nagar, Secunderabad-500 009, Andhra Pradesh. Dr. Menon also served as Senior Research officer, Division of Non Communicable Diseases, Indian Council for Medical Research, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi from 1981 to 1884.

His areas of interest have been Applied Behaviour Analysis in Challenging Behaviours, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Anger, Anxiety and Depression; Dialectic Behaviour Therapy for persons with Borderline Personality Disorders; Aging and Dementia in Down’s syndrome, Assessment for Capacity to give Consent, Rights and Equal Opportunities for persons with Intellectual Disability; Individual and Group training on Friendship and Relationship for Persons with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. His hobbies are Hiking and Trekking, Cycling, Reading.

Kiran Pothula - Special Advisor

Kiran Pothula, an Elementary School Teacher, experienced in teaching all levels from Early Years to High School, has been practicing delivering an integrated program for students with special needs. She has a Masters Degree in Science as well as a Masters Degree in Education. She is also a certified ABA therapist and has been practicing ABA, in an integrated model with daily school life.

Kiran has planned behavior programs for her students and has worked with transitioning the Early Years students into school. She has conducted several sessions for Parents and also has run many Parent/Child sessions to help them be aware of the many strategies that help children with behavior and also transitioning. Kiran strongly believes that as much as individual therapy is important, integration is equally important. She engages in ongoing Professional Development to update herself.

Kiran is exploring and experimenting the different models of integration, with the support of professionals, parents and her colleagues.

Clinical Director: Dr Mereen Punnen (M.sc. M.Phil. PhD. RBT)

Speech therapist: Mrs Rajelekshmi (B.SLP, M.SLP).

Special Educators: Shilpa, Sudhi Mol

Office Assistant: Mrs. Jothy Lakshmi.

Shadow teachers: Shyla, Kochumol ,Suja


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