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Therapy, Training, Research and Resource center for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Special Needs, their families, schools and community.

Our center was founded in memory of  Dr. Reeta Peshawaria-Menon, and we strive to maintain the standard of perfection and dedication for which she was well-known.

Reeta Peshawaria Centre for Autism and ABA Services aims to provide empathetic services to individuals with autism and other special needs, their families, and the community. We strive to accomplish this by facilitating the different abilities to blossom in a manner that improves their quality of life and enables the individual to be a contributor to the community. 


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Special Education Services

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Remedial training for Learning disability

Parent Coaching for ASD; ADD; ADHD; LD; ED; DD; ID; Behavioural Problems

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Respite Care & Summer Camps for Special Needs


Master J was two and a half years old with moderate features of ASD when he was brought in for therapy at our centre. His eye contact and speech were minimal and was hyperactive.  He had several behaviour challenges and very poor on seat behaviour. He is undergoing early intervention program with ABA THERAPY for the last 2 and a half years. 
Today at the age of 5 he speaks and reads sentences with 3 to 4 words, is able to do most of his self care activities, sits in a regular class-room and completes regular class routines with his class teacher. He socializes with his classmates and participates in all social activities at school. He is going to be in UKG this school year. He comes in for 2 sessions of therapy every day and the rest of the time he spends in his class with regular students. 
We are happy to say that he was able to get integrated into the normal class smoothly with the help of his extremely supportive grandparents and our early intervention programs based on intensive ABA therapy.
Master E was 8 years old with moderate features of ASD when he was brought in for therapy. He was going to a special school in UK since his parents were working there. The parents brought him for a trial therapy and soon decided to put him for  ABA THERAPY program at RPC. 
Parents decided to take a long leave from their work in UK and stayed in Mallappally for almost an year. He was a highly anxious child with only a few words of speech along with jargons and echolalia. He had a lot of sensory issues with light, sound and touch. Now its about 8 months since he is on regular ABA therapy including Speech, Occupation therapy, special education  and inclusive education. 
He is able to attend and socialise with his classmates in the regular class-room atmosphere. He now  tolerates lights and touch; however, he is still sensitive to loud noises. He speaks sentences with 2-3 words and is social with everyone at the centre. He is independent in self care activities including eating and toileting. He loves to dance and play with friends. With the great support of his parents and our Centre –  Master E has integrated well.


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